AOL safety and security edition

There appears to be a problem with AOL's safety and security edition and thousands of applications. Users using AOL's safety and security edition may get the following error message when running an application:


This problem is caused by Aol's safety and security edition which apparently returns this error when it scans certain files on the user's computer.

Aol tech support provides the following solution to all its customers that reported this problem.

NOTE these three items:

  • Needs to be done with the user signed in with admin account (on the computer).
  • Requires a reboot to take effect (Step 3)
  • If this does not work on first attempt, please have user attempt the same three steps but in safe mode.

Step 1. Turn off ASP's RTP
  • 1. Start up SSC.
  • 2. Go to "Spyware Protection" tab on the left side.
  • 3. Select "Settings" tab.
  • 4. Uncheck "Turn on Spyware Shielding".
  • 5. Exit SSC.

Step 2. Stop CA's RTP service
  • 1. Go to Control Panel.
  • 2. Select "Administrative Tools".
  • 3. Select "Services".
  • 4. Right click "CA Pest Patrol Realtime Protection Service", select Properties.
  • 5. Change "Startup type" To Manual.
  • 6. Click "OK".

Step 3. Reboot Computer

Step 4 just verifies that Steps 1-3 worked successfully:

Step 5: Verify that CA's RTP service is not running after reboot
  • 1. Open Task Manager.
  • 2. Make sure ITMRTSVC.exe is not on the list.

The last step verifies that the RTP service has been stopped (The previous 3 steps have been executed successfully).

For any further enquiries, please contact the AOL support or post a message on their forums.
We assume that AOL, since they are aware of the problem, is working on a fix for it.

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