How to insert your own buttons to create custom build Flash menus?

1) First build your menu by adding the required buttons, URL's and text for each button.

2) Then set the transparency for both the submenu and main menu to 100% (see screen print below)

custom menus

3) Click on generate and display, and if needed click on the small box near the right of the Generate and display button.

custom menus

4) Make a screenprint of the create menu, which by now consists of only textual buttons

5) Either import the screen print into Flash or a any paint program and use it as a tracing image to define the dimensions for your own buttons

6) When you are done building either the graphic file or Flash file with the new buttons, you can insert the background as a background movie clip or as a background picture.

custom menus

7) Sometimes it may be nessecary to position the labels by moving down or up (see screenprint below)

custom flash menu

8) Finally, render the menu again by clicking on generate and display.

Flash menu with custom graphic buttons
Flash Menu with custom Flash buttons

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