4th July Fireworks Animation

Below is a free fireworks Flash animation that you can use in an animation related to any celebration, not just the 4th of July of course.

We created this particular 4th of July Fireworks Animation in Adobe Flash. You are free to use this animation anywhere you like and you can add it into any of our Flash applications as a background or foreground movie clip. You can also add this awesome animation celebrating Independence Day or other celebrations to your website, or incorporate it into an existing Flash ad, banner or movie you have made in one of Amara Software's applications.

We have also put online a sample of the fireworks animation combined with some animated text, created with the Amara Intro and Banner Builder, so you can get a better idea of the type of beautiful 4th of July animations you can create with our applications without needing any special skills od Flash knowledge.

Download the FREE 4th of July Fireworks Animation as a zip file

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