Fireworks Flash animation

Time to party? This fireworks animation may come in handy to set the right mood for your website visitors. For example, many people have time off around Christmas and New Year and spend a lot of time online. Why not make a little effort to make your visitors feel good and get them in the party mood by sharing the party spirit on your site? We created an absolutely fantastic (and free!) fireworks animation for all you web designers and website owners that want to do something special on your site at a special time of the year.

The Flash banner below was created with the Amara Flash Intro and Banner Builder and the free fireworks animation was added on top of it as a foreground movie clip. We simply added a few lines of appropriate celebratory text, and made sure we made our text sensationally colorful (easy to do in our application) and then we added the photo of the Hong Kong skyline. You can easily create something like this yourself for your website too.

All our free animations can be found in the Flash animations directory.