Halloween Animation

October 31 always comes around again quicker than you think. That special time of year when you might join the party in an awesome horror costume, or just go out and scare your friends and neighbours, or stock up on candy for kids coming around trick-or-treating. But what about your website, doesn't that need a bit of work to get into that special Halloween mood as well?

To help you give your website a (temporary) spooky look, we've created this great (and free!) Halloween animation for you. You can use it in any of our applications to help you design your Halloween banner, or maybe to enhance your slideshow with a cool Halloween theme. To demonstrate how it can be used and what that would like like, we inserted the free Halloween animation into the Amara Flash Slideshow Builder and created this sample of the Halloween animation based on an existing photo slideshow.

Download the Free Halloween Animation as a zip file

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