When you click on the Effect tab in the Amara Menu BUilder, you will see the following fields:

parameters menu

Please read through the details below to understand what each option does exactly.

Alpha Increment:
The alpha increment enables you to set the fade in time of the sub menus. If you set this option to 1 it will fade in very slowly.

Alpha Decrement:
The alpha decrement enables you to set the fade out time of the sub menus. If you set this option to 100 it will fade out, instantly, in one single step.

Y Step:
With the Y step feature you can set the time vertical menus take to open up when displaying the sub menus. When you put this option to 1 you will see a very slow movement of the buttons. This option is only available when you create a vertical menu.

Shadow Shift:
This sets the location of the shadow of all the buttons.

Shadow Transparency:
This sets the transparency of the shadow.


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