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Inserting the news ticker animation into your website

1) Save the SWF file
2) Copy and paste the HTML code
3) Other methods

Step 1: Save the SWF file

To save the SWF file simply click on the "Save" tab at the bottom of the application (see picture below) and then click on the "Save SWF" button.

Now save the SWF file to the desired location on your harddisk. It's best if this is the
directory that contains your website.

Step 2: Copy and paste the HTML code

To insert the HTML page you can either use the default insert Flash movie settings of your HTML editor, or simply copy and paste the HTML code we generate for you when you save the SWF file.

To do this click on "Save SWF" and then on "Copy to Clipboard". Now the created HTML code is copied to your clipboard. Open your existing HTML document and paste the content of the clipboard into, the desired position of the ticker.

Save your HTML file, and preview it to see your ticker up and running.

Possible problem:
As you can see in the code there is a "#SAVE AS SwF FILE FIRST#" text in the HTML code. After you have saved the SwF file this sentence will be replaced with the ticker name. For example, "myticker.swf. However, this path/filename assumes that you will save the "myticker.swf" to the same directory as your HTML file, and not to any subdirectory. If you have saved the myticker.swf to a subdirectory called "images" you should manually change the path to this file to "images/myticker.swf" instead of just "myticker.swf"

Step 3: Other methods

You can also use the standard Insert Flash File features of your HTML editor. If you do this you must make sure that you manually enter the desired "width" and "height" dimensions, and that the "scale" parameter is set to "noscale".

<PARAM NAME=scale VALUE=noscale>



In case your HTML editor does not support the proper code please use the HTML code generated by our application.

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