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Amara News Ticker: The application

1) Creating a New Template
2) Layout settings
3) Timing and Speed
4) Text - HTML Tags

Step 1 : Creating a New Template

To start creating a new Newsticker you first must create a new file, which will contain all the data, and will be useful when you need to update your ticker info.

Please click on "New" and enter the desired ticker name where it states
"[New Template]" (see picture below)

Step 2 : Layout settings

In the layout section, which can be found by clicking on the layout tab, you can enter the basic dimensions and colors for the ticker movie.

A generic movie "width" might be 200. The "height" could be set to 150.

The Background color should be a bit different then your website color. Normally a grayish color will do well.

Further you can turn on the border and give it a color.

You can also set the margins. With the margins settings you define the position of the text in your ticker movie. Normally you will keep this to any number between 0 to 10.

You can customizes the color, by clicking on "Custom" and then on"Define custom colors" After you have selected the desired color make sure you click on "Add to custom colors" (see picture below)

Step 3 : Timing and Speed

With the "scroll speed" slider set the time that will take before the ticker sentence ends at the top position of the ticker. Keeping the scroll speed as low as possible would give you a nice smooth scrolling text.

"Delay after scroll" Allows you to define the time that the sentence will wait before it continues to the next sentence. 1 Second is in general good enough depending on the length of your text.

Putting the "Delay Interval" to "0", means that the text will freeze.

Un-ticking "Delay after scroll" will let the text rotate continuously without interrupting it.

Step 4 : Text

This is the most complex section of the application, but as soon you have made your self familiar with all the available options it will be a rather straight forward process to create dozens of tickers for your website.

At the right you see the default screen. This is the default setting screen that will appear when you create a [New Template].

To start to create some content for your news ticker go to the "Text" area and replace
"[Enter your own text here]"
With your own text. Your text can be HTML formatted as well.

To enter the URL that the user should jump to when he click on the news item, go to the "Link" area and enter the desired URL. Normally you will need to put the "TargetFrame" to "_blank". In case you do not want the user to jump to another web page please make both the "Link" and "TargetFrame" fields blank.



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