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Amara Photo Animation Software FAQ

Here is an overview of the most commonly asked questions. If your question is not answered in this section, just let us know by e-mailing us at Amara@amarasoftware.com and I will answer it and if it is relevant, also add it to this FAQ section.

Q: Can you provide me with a detailed step by step tutorial for the application?
A: Yes, please check out the Amara Photo Animation Software tutorial.

Q: Are my purchases secure?

A: Yes, they are. We use BMTmicro to process the purchases. This is a trusted US based e-commerce gateway, used by thousands of shareware developers.

Q: How do I save the settings for each animation?
A: All our tools automatically save all data entered in the application as a template - a data file containing all the info you entered for easy re-use later.

It's best to create a new template for each new animation you want to create.

To do this, click on "New" above "Generate and Display". You can rename the file by highlighting and typing over the template name. Your animation and its settings will now be saved under this name when you close the application.

Q: I have inserted the .zttf file into my website, but why can't I see it?
.zttf files are data files, that store the application settings and should not be inserted in your website. Only the created SWF (Flash) files should be inserted in your webpage.

Q: How do I save the SWF file?
A: To save the SWF (Flash) file you need to click on the "Save" tab (near the "Preview" Tab) at the bottom of the right pane of the program, and then on "Save SWF".

Q: My HTML editor does not provide me with a good option to insert SWF files, how should I go about this?
A: When you insert the created virtual tour into your HTML page, please use the HTML code as provided by the software. Alternatively, you may use the code generated by your own HTML editor.

Q: How do I add text on top of a picture?
A: If you wish, you can enter basic text to be displayed on each picture/slide. To do so, click on the "Text" tab, select the required slide and enter your text.

Q: Do you provide any theme based animations to help me to capture a certain mood in the animations created with the Amara applications?
Yes, we offer a catalogue of fabulous free Flash animations to help you capture that special Christmas , Halloween , Winter , Birthday , Rain or Valentines Day mood, among many other themes.

Q: Why do I get a message that I don't have a Flash player installed or an incorrect version?
Please visit the Adobe Flash player fix page to read more about this issue.

Q: I have inserted the SWF file into my website, but why can't I see it?
This problem sometimes occurs when you are using the HTML code as provided by our application. Our HTML code includes a link to the SWF file, using a path that assumes the SWF file is in the same directory as your HTML file.

<param name=movie value="your-swf-file.swf">

However, if you put your SWF file in another directory, for instance one called 'animations', you should update the path within the link to reflect this.

Another reason for not being able to see the SWF file
might be that you have copied the application's HTML code to the clipboard before you actually saved the SWF file. In this case, you will see the following line of HTML code in your HTML page:


If this is the case, you can easily resolve this by replacing #SAVE AS SWF FILE FIRST# with the correct file name (and make sure you use the correct path as well).

<PARAM NAME=movie VALUE="#your-SWF-file.swf#">

Please click here if you see the animation in only some browsers

Q: I purchased the software some time ago, am I still entitled to the package deal?
Our special discount package is meant to promote the selling of four or five applications in one single purchase. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a rebate or other discount to people who have bought the applications one by one over time.

Q: How do I make the Flash file auto-start from a CD when it is inserted into a CD drive?
A: Please check out our auto run tutorial to learn more about this.

Q: How do I add a preloader to the SWF file?
Because this option is not yet available in the Photo Animation Software, we created a separate Flash preloader for the customers who have a need for a preloader. Please download the Free preloader and follow the instructions as per the included text file. Check out what the Free preloader will look like on your own website.

Q: Do you have a refund policy?
A: Please take a moment to read our position on this issue.

Q: Why do I see a message prompting me to "click to activate and use this control" when I roll my mouse over a Flash animation?
This happens because of a certain Microsoft I.E. update. To solve it and learn more about this issue please read the instructions on our click to activate and use this control webpage.

Q: Why do I get an error when importing MP3 files?
Sometimes when importing MP3 files you may receive an error message such as Invalid MP3 Header or Wrong Format. This happens because Flash tends to be rather sensitive about the meta info in your sound file. Luckily there is a quick fix to solve this. Please click here to read how to solve this problem.

Q: I would like to know where I can get more background and foreground animations (movie clips) for the tools?
All our software allows you to insert either background or foreground animations (movie clips). These animations can be any other Flash player compatible animation, for example you can insert a slide show animation created with Amara Slideshow Builder as a background movie clip into the Amara Intro and Banner Builder.

Q: Can I use spaces between the characters of the file name?
Preferably not, as not all web servers support spaces in file names. Better to use a dash instead, e.g. "my-swh-animation.swf"

Q: How can I create a 360 Pan of several pictures attached to each other?
Import all the pictures in your paint program and combine them to one large picture. Then insert this picture into the Photo animation software and select the Pan 360 option.

Q: I installed the software and everything is working fine accept when I click on the keypoints tab I can't see any pictures?
This problem is caused by the DPI settings on your computer. To solve it please do the following: Right click on your desktop - select Properties - click on Settings - click on Advanced - and set your DPI settings to Normal size (96DPI) . Finally restart your computer.

Q: How can I improve the quality of the pictures and reduce the file size of the SWF file?
Please scale your pictures to the appropriate size in a paint program. Although the scaling can be done in the Slide Show Builder, you may see a decrease in the quality of the pictures. Further scaling the pictures into the program will also unnecessarily increase the SWF file size and requires more processing than actually needed.

Q: Does you software also work on Apple Macintosh?
Our software runs on a Mac with Windows OS installed. The Mac must have the Intel chip and OS X or later.  Nowadays, Macs come with an Intel chip allowing you to run Windows OS, on which Windows programs such as our software will work fine.

Q: When I insert a large picture the program all of a sudden stops working?
The maximum dimensions for each picture supported is 3200 x 1000 pixels.

Q: What is a target Frame?
_self - Loads the specified URL in the same window or frame containing the Flash movie. This is the default value, if none is specified.

_blank - Launches a new browser window and loads the specified URL into it, keeping the original window available.

_parent - Loads the specified URL into the parent frameset of the frame containing the Flash movie.

_top - Loads the URL into the outermost frameset of the current HTML document.

You can also enter your own unique frame name by highlighting any of the above default frame names and entering your own.

Q: I use frames, why does my animation appear in the wrong frame?
This happens when you enter the wrong Frame Name. Please check in your HTML code what the correct frame name is. Normally it's something such as MainFrame or Mainframe or mainframe. Be exact, if the frame name uses an uppercase, enter it as well in the target URL.

Q: I inserted some pretty large photos and can't see them in their entirety?
Please click on the "Dock" button , which is the small square button near the "Generate and Display" button.

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