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Amara Photo Animation Software Tutorial

Welcome to our Amara Photo Animation Software™ tutorial. Although the application is pretty easy to use, I have created a step-by-step tutorial to make sure that absolutely everybody will be able to create Adobe Flash Player compatible animations for their website with the tool.

How to create a Photo Animation?

1) First decide on the dimensions that you want to use.

2) If your pictures are not all the same dimensions, open up your paint program and make sure they are.I have added a "pictures" directory where you will find a couple of pictures.

3) Set the "Movie Dimensions" in the application (I've used width 100 and height 100 for my pictures)

4) Choose the border and background color.

5) Click on the "Slides" tab and click on Add Item to add a new slide to your own slide show. If you want to update an already listed picture click on the small box with the 3 little dots. The windows file selector will pop up so you can select the desired picture.

6) Click on the "Type" tab and select the required type. In this sample select Slideshow with keypoints

7) Now click on the "Key points" tab. This is what it's all about. I will provide you with some basic info to get this going (note there is a help "?" option with all the details you need).

a) First make sure that the picture you want is visible.
b) Click on the "+" symbol , and click anywhere on the picture below. Repeat this 3 or 4 times and you will see that you have created a camera path.
c) Select the desired settings such as alpha (normally used for the first and last picture).

8) Click on the "sound" tab if you would like to assign your own background music to the slide show.

9) To preview the slideshow you created, click on "Generate and display" or Preview/Preview in browser

10) To save the slide show, click on Save/Save SWF


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