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Q: Why do I get a message that I don't have Flash player installed or incorrect version?

This problem happens on some systems, and is most likely caused by an incomplete installation of the Flash player, or a conflict with other software (Microsoft Java Virtual Machine), causing the registry settings to be off.

To solve this you must first uninstall the corrupted flash player by clicking here
Then launch the Amara application and follow the instructions to install the Flash player from the adobe website again.

Please note that the adobe website is rather slow and some patience is required.

The cause of the problem might also be that when installing the Flash player, a previous (maybe corrupted )version is in use. To prevent this from happening, make sure that all applications and browser windows, other then the adobe website are closed.

I also noticed that when installing the latest Flash player from the adobe website the installation kills the browser which somehow confirms the above as a possible reason of the problem.

Note: If you have problems reinstalling the player please make sure that your default browser is set to I.E, apparently this does also have a slight impact on the registry settings.



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