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Animation software to create web animations in a flash


I use both Amara Intro and Banner builder and Amara Photo Animation Software. Amara's software is a spectacular bargain, straight-forward to use, and the support is exceptional. I recommend Amara's software without hesitation. RJ

Well I have finally finished my website and it is up and running,   I did the banner with Amara banner, so heres looking at ya.

I want to thank you very much for the patience you had with me, in helping me get acquainted with a  very good program.      Most folks I spoke with could not believe that I did that myself and with a program that barely costs 30 bucks.

People are paying others a premium to design their flash programs for them, you probably saved my a few hundred dollars plus. Anyway, I am looking forward to future updates where you can offer more fonts, and more text animations. Thanks Gregory Nashif The Nashif Report

Thank you, thank you, and thank you. It was worth every penny!!!! My site looks amazing. I just have to figure out how to put music in it too! You saved me a ton of money by making it possible to do this myself! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO Donna D.

>Amara, I bought your Amara newsticker last week and I just want to let you know how much it helped me. I've been wanting to add a ticker to my site for a while but had no idea how to do it, especially with the links to different pages. This was just what I needed, and I'll be using it regularly to update my ticker. Thanks for making this program and for making it affordable and easy to use! Donna Moore, NY

Hey there. Great product, that news ticker of yours! I'm in a club with other wannabe website makers but we're all pretty new to this and Amara is great cos it makes things a lot easier for people like us. I'll recommend it to all my website making friends. Jason Panagola

Ethical, honest business practices, such as those exhibited by Amara, are from what great businesses are made.  You have shown me that not only are you supplying an EXCELLENT product, but that you go FAR above and beyond the call for customer service and satisfaction.

Hello Menno, I purchased the software. I honestly don't take naturally to computer work, and really find most programs frustrating to use. Circumstances forced me to have to develop my website by myself and a slideshow was deemed necessary to showcase the product. I trialed quite a few slideshow builders prior to finding and trying yours, and found them all to be confusing or not properly functioning. Yours is relatively intuitive and easy to use, and works as promised. I find the results very satisfactory, and feel the program is worth the reasonable purchase price. As you stated, it does indeed function well with NOF 7.5, so it has worked out perfectly for me, as I continue to use older software as win98se and NOF 7.5 So thank you for producing a very good product and making it available at a fair cost. I will recommend your product whenever possible. Good luck in your business endeavours, and best regards. Jim Konopliski plasmatigandmig.com clmstudio.com

I have two words for you... OUTSTANDINGLY AWESOME!!!

The Amara Software link will be proudly displaced on all my websites. THANK you!!! Sooze Kuzyk BoHo Design

"I spent several days searching the internet before finding Amara's package. I was very glad I did! Except for the movie introduction, all the flash on my site - including the menus - was done with his software." Terry L. Krohn; Owner - Axiom House; Author - Eye of the Pyramid


Hi, I don't know why, but I feel like I should write a note to thank you for making your "no-nonsense" software. That slideshow is the best, man! (or woman?). It saves me so much time, I can't believe it. Anyway, keep it up, and looking forward to getting an upgrade whenever you make one. Cheers, Michael Crowe

Yo, Amara rocks! Unreal how I can make all this cool stuff all of a sudden, never knew I was THAT good that I can now make slideshows. Ssh dont tell anyone I'm using Amara slideshowmaker to do it, lemme just impress them!! :-) Paco Reganas

Hello, I'm Rudi from Germany. I have bought the Amara Slide Show Builder from you and I also think I want to buy the Amara News Ticker also. I think that they are very nice software and I also like very much that you can change everything inside, do everything how you want it yourself. And also with the sound, I like that very much. Thank you. Greetings from Rudi Hamburg. Germany

I just found out about Amara software and was wondering where you guys have been all this time. That Flash Newsticker and also the Flash Slideshow Builder are awesome! So you'll see I've gone ahead and bought them both. Can't wait until your other products come out. If they're along the same lines as these two programs, you can count on me being one of the first buyers!! Keep me informed of any updates, and new products, OK?!Gary from LA

Congratulations !! You have developed a fantastic program.

I downloaded the trial version - which gave me enough information to see that your product actually did what you claimed. I have since purchased the program and used it on 2 of my client sites so far - very easy to use and implement - it simply works. Well done to your team & thankyou. Nick Collis. Nick Collis Web Design Darwin. Australia

I build websites for friends as a hobby using Netobjects Fusion and I don't know HTML. I need to get good results using tools that allow me to point and click basically. I have your Photo Animation,Slideshow Builder and just got the News Ticker and Intro and Banner Builder. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your products because they give me great results without having to know HTML or any other script language. Thanks again Christian Robinson Alberta, Canada