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Q: I have added my SWF file to the webpage but I cannot see it in some browsers.

A:To solve this please check your HTML code as there are two instances of the path or the name of your.swf file, that need to be updated.

The first one is in the <Object> section of the code

<param name=movie value="your-swf-file.swf">

This section relates to the Internet Explorer browser (I.E.)

The second one is in the <embed> section of your code

<embed src="your-swf-file.swf"

This section loads the SWF file for all Netscape like browsers, such as Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, etc.

Please make sure that both of these contain the same SWF file name or path to the SWF file, and that the SWF file is located in the listed location, otherwise neither of the methods will work.

If you have problems doing this consider to use an absolute path such as

http://www.yourdomainame.com/yourswffile.swf and also check if this file is actually uploaded to your webserver.


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