Sometimes when importing MP3 files you may receive an error message such as Invalid MP3 Header or Wrong Format. This happens because Flash tend to be rather sensitive about the meta info of your sound file. Luckily there is rather quick fix to solve this. Please read thru the instructions below on how to fix this problem.

1) First go to and download the "Lite" version, a free MP3 MP3 player
2) Install Winamp and open the application
3) Open the song that you would like to convert in winamp
4) Click on "Toggle Play List  Editor"

5) Select and highlight the title of the song by  right clicking on it and select "view file info". 

6) Then remove the check box under "ID3v2 Tag" and make sure only the "ID3v1 Tag" box is marked. 
7) Click on update

8) Insert the MP3 file into any of the Amara Applications

That's all!




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