Our refund policy

Because consumers are given the full opportunity to try our software before making a purchase, our refund policy for our software is that we will give no refunds, for any reason. This policy helps us keep our prices down and allows us to continue to enhance our software with more and better features.

So please always try out our software first - free of charge. If our program works well for you, please go ahead and register it. If it is not what you are looking for, or for some other reason you are not happy with it, please delete it from your computer and find another program that does suit your needs. It's as simple as that.

While you are trying out the program, our support staff can answer any question you have by e-mail. As our experience shows that most people with a problem actually need help putting the SWF file onto their website (rather than a problem with the program itself), we also have a number of HTML and other tutorials available for you.

If you do encounter any problem embedding the SWF files in your webpage, after you have purchased the software and followed the instructions, please feel free to contact us, so we can guide you personally through the process, as our SWF files will work on any website, on any system and in any browser.

In short:

Download the software. Play around with it. Try out all the features. And if you like it, buy it.

Rush to buy the software without testing it. Demand a refund if it's not what you wanted.

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