Q: How do I make my Flash animation file on CD automatically start playing in the Flash player when the CD is inserted into a CD driver?

1) First you need to compile the Flash animation into an .exe (projector.exe), as most but not all PCs will have a Flash player installed.

2) To do this, save the Flash animation to your desktop and double click on it.3) Then go to the top blue windows bar and select "File > Create Projector" (picture1)

picture1Auto launch Flash files from CD

4) Now save the newly created projector file to your hard disk

5) To make the created projector file automatically start when the CD is inserted in the CD driver you need to add an "autorun.inf" file to the CD, which will contain the following instructions:


NB: filename.exe is the name of your exe file (a.k.a. projector)

6) To do this, open notepad and open a new file and enter the above two lines.

7) Save this file to your hard disk and name it "autorun.inf"

8) Finally, you must burn both files, "autorun.inf", and the created executable (projector) to your CD.

When you have done this, your Flash animation will auto-play in the Flash player when inserting the CD.