How to create a web page with iframes and target the content with Amara Menu Builder.

We assume that you have created your iframe already. If not please do the following:

1) Create and save an HTML page that will contain the iframe. Save this page as "maintest.html"

2) Create another HTML page, add some text to it, and save this HTML page as "test.html"

3) Now copy the following HTML code in the maintest.html and paste it between the body tags:

<frame><iframe name="iframeamara" SRC="" scrolling="yes" height="100"> width="400"</iframe>

4) Save the maintest.html file and preview it. You should see the content as entered in test.html appear in the desired area in the maintest.html (see sample at the bottom of this page).

5) Now I'll show you how to update the content in the iframe area by using our Amara buttons. Open the Amara Menu Builder, create a few buttons, enter the name of the iframe in the target field (in our sample this will be iframeamara) and enter the complete URL, including your domain name, in the URL input field. To test this further, we used the following details:

URL= - TARGETFRAME = iframeamara
URL= - TARGETFRAME = iframeamara
URL= - TARGETFRAME = iframeamara

6) Check out the working iframe sample with buttons