Importing a Flash animation file (SWF file) into Flash CS3.

Adding a custom Flash animation created with Amara Flash Software into the Adobe Flash Software is a snap. By following these simple steps, you will be up and running in no time at all and impressing all of your visitors with your talents! Please make sure that you have copied and pasted the movie into the same directory as where you will save your master SWF file which loads the SWF movie into the Flash Software.

1) First create an animation (SWF file) with one of Amara's software applications, and save it it your website directory as " animation .swf"

2) Open Flash

3) Save the SWF file as "loader.swf" so you got both the "loader.swf" and " animation .swf" in one and the same directory.

4) Left click in the first frame of the timeline, and insert the following action script

createEmptyMovieClip("anim", 0); // create a new but empty movie clip (anim)
anim.loadMovie("animation.swf"); // load "animation.swf" into the empty (anim) movie clip
anim._x = 100; // Adjust the position of the imported "animation.swf" file
anim._y = 100;

4) To see a preview of what you have created, select "Control/Test Movie" from the main menu.

5) Please upload, both swf files to your webserver.

6) For more detailed information about the "loadmovie" ActionScript, please refer to the "ActionScript Dictionary" of Macromedia Flash

Note that When uploading the files to your web server you must not only upload the loader.swf but also the separate SWF movie that you created with the Amara Flash Software.