How to embed a Flash animation file into Sitespinner

In Sitespinner, the Foreign Object Dialog is used to import Objects into the web page. These can include XHTML, SVG, Java, Flash, QuickTime, Real Audio, Video, and Sound/Music and other multi-media formats. To embed a foreign object into your page, first select the type of object from the drop-down list.

1. To start, create your Flash animation. Save it as "SWF". Make sure you save the Flash animation to the same directory that contains or will contain the index.html page of your web site.
2. Open SiteSpinner
3. Create a new document or open an existing page.
4. Go to "Object/Import Foreign Object".
5. Now the Foreign Object window appears (figure 1).

Figure 1

Insert Flash in Sitespinner

6. Set the format to "Flash"
7. Click on Filepath and select the desired Flash animation
8. Select "OK"
9. To Preview the created animation in SiteSpinner go to "Publish/Preview HTML page"
10. To scale the Flash animation, click anywhere on the black line surrounding the Object, and drag it to the desired dimensions (Figure 2)


11. Finally go to "File - Save" to save your project.