Learn how to insert a Flash Player compatible Flash animation into Mozilla Composer, the free HTML editor.

First of all, if you're looking for a free HTML editor Mozilla Composer is a pretty good choice and I personally wonder why people are still forking out US$50 or more for an HTML editor to build webpages, if there are free tools such as Mozzila web composer out there to build websites. I found Mozzilla Composer a very logical HTML editor to work with and simply loved the instant publish options.

Adding a Flash animation into Mozilla Composer works similar to many other HTML editors. There is no option to insert Flash animations, but you must insert the SWF related HTML code to get this going. By following the steps below, you will get your Flash Player compatible animations in your webpage up and running in no time!

1. Create a Flash animation in one of the Amara applications.

2. Save the created animation to the same directory as where your HTML file resides, in this sample we saved it as animation.swf. When you save the file you will see that there is some HTML code generated. Later we will copy and paste this HTML code into Mozzilla Composer.

3. Click on Preview and copy the HTML code, which will already include the correct Flash animation name as well (see screen print below):

Insert Flash into Mozilla Composer

In Mozzilla Composer, do the following:

4. Open Mozilla Composer (In Mozilla go to File > Edit Page)

5. Open or create a new HTML page into which you want to insert the Flash animation.

6. Save the HTML file to your web site directory.

7. Go to Insert > HTML and insert the HTML code you copied from the Amara application. After you pasted the HTML code click on Insert.

8. Now Save the created webpage.

98. To preview the webpage you must go to File > Browse , as somehow the preview tab at the bottom of your Composer window does not preview Flash animations yet.