How to embed a Flash animation into Microsoft Frontpage 2000 and 2002

Adding a Flash animation to Microsoft Frontpage is a snap. By following these simple steps, you will be up and running in no time at all and impressing all of your visitors with your talents!

First create your animation in your Amara Flash Software, then do the following:

1. Open Microsoft Frontpage.

2. Select the HTML page into which you want to insert the animation, or start from scratch and open a new page.

3. Save the HTML file to your website directory.

4. Click on the position where you want to insert the animation.

5. In Frontpage 2000, go to Insert - Advanced - and select Plug-in.
In Frontpage 2002 you should select: Web Component - Advanced Controls - Plug-in

6. Now the Plug-In Properties window opens up. Here you should select your created animation. To do so click on the browse button.

7. Now the Select file menu pops up. Select your web animation file from the list, and click OK.

8. You will be brought back to the Plug-in Properties menu. Here you can edit the properties of your flash animation. In general you can use the default size.

9. Finally save and preview your file. It's important that you save the file first before you click on preview, otherwise you will see nothing.

10. There you have it, a simple way to add an animation to your website in Frontpage.