Inserting a Flash animation into NetObject.

Adding a custom-made Flash animation into NetObject is a snap.

First create your Flash animation with one of the Amara Flash Software applications, and save the Flash animation to the same directory that will contain, or already contains the HTML file that will embed your Flash animation.

To insert the Flash Player compatible file into Net Objects:

1. In NetOjects open the existing HTML page or create a new HTML document.

2. In page view, select the Flash Tool from the Dynamic Media Flyout on the advanced toolbar.

3. Draw a box to indicate the Flash animation's location on the page. The open dialog appears.

4. Select the Flash animation from your hard disk.

5. Click Open. The flash place holder appears on your page, and the Flash properties palette appears. The name of the selected file appears in the File field on the General tab.

6. Click the HTML button to insert HTML tags and script.

7. Click the control tab. Here you can select the quality of anti-aliasing, set the scale settings, and alignment.