How to embed a Flash animation into Microsoft Expression Web

Adding a custom-made Flash animation to Microsoft Expression Web works similar to many other HTML editors that do not have an option to insert/import Flash animations automatically. Microsoft Expression Web HTML editor requires you to copy and paste the HTML code, as provided by our software, into the code section of your HTML page.

By following these simple steps, you will be up and running in no time at all and impressing all of your visitors with your talents!

1) First create your Flash animation in your Amara Flash Software application. Save the Flash animation to your website directory, preferably to the root directory of the website (this is normally where you save all your HTML files).

2) After you have saved the Flash animation, you need to copy the HTML code as generated by the Amara Flash Software to your clipboard, you can do this simply by clicking on the "copy to clipboard" button.

3) Open Microsoft Expression Web.

4) Select the HTML page into which you want to insert the Flash animation, or start from scratch and open a new web page.

5) Save the HTML file to your website directory.

6) In Microsoft Expression Web, go to the bottom of the interface and click on either Code or Split (see figure 1). This will open up an area where you will be able to see the HTML code of your web page.

Figure 1
flash import expression web

7) Now right click and select paste, anywhere beteen the <object> tags (see figure 2).

Figure 2
insert Flash Microsoft Expression Web

This will insert the HTML code that you copied to clipboard from Amara Flash Software in point (2) (see figure 3).

Figure 3
expression web code for Flash

8) Save the page and go to File/Preview in Browser, to view the final web page with the Flash animation.

expression web SWF preview

9) Save the page and upload the files to your web server.

A final note worth mentioning is that the Flash animation name and path in your HTML code should correspond with the location of the Flash animation on your computer. If this is not correct, the Flash animation can't be found and you see a blank area where you would have expected the animation to appear. For more info on this, please read through the related FAQ page.