How to insert a Flash animation file in Microsoft Publisher

You can insert Amara Flash Software animations into Microsoft Publisher in a similar way to many other HTML editors - by simply copying and pasting the HTML code into a container layer, which is called HTML Code Fragment object in MS Publisher.

First of all make sure you save the animation to the same directory as where you store the HTML files of your web site.

1) To insert your Flash animation in MS Publisher, you need to use its HTML Code Fragment object, which is located on the Publisher "Insert" menu.

2) Then draw the object on your page just like you do for a standard text box.

3) Make sure that if your Flash animation is, say, around 300x300 pixels, the created box is about the same size.

4) After you added the fragment object to the page you insert the HTML code. You can copy this code to your clipboard in the Amara Flash Software application.

5) Paste the HTML code into the dialog by using CTRL + V (paste command).

That's all.

If this somehow fails, it might be that you did not have the correct filename of the Flash animation in your HTML code, or that you did not put the Flash animation in the correct directory. This is a very small problem but it means that the Flash animation can't be found until you get the path to the file right, so please check this.