How to embed a Flash animation into Web Easy Professional

Adding a custom-made Flash animation to Web Easy Professional works similar to many other HTML editors that do not have an option to insert/import Flash animations automatically. Web Easy Professional editor requires you to copy and paste the HTML code, as provided by our software, into the code section of your HTML page.

1. Drag and drop the swf file onto the page you are creating.
2. Click to SELECT the swf file box on the webpage. It needs to be selected for the next 2 steps.
3. Now, this is where you must paste in the custom HTML script you copied from the Amara Flash Software! Here's how.
4. Under TOOLS, open the CUSTOM SCRIPT ASSISTANT. Make sure that OBJECT EVENTS is selected. In the CONTENTS window, highlight and
DELETE the HTML script that is currently in the box. Next, just right click in the CONTENTS window > and PASTE the custom HTML code that you copied from the Amara Flash Software. Select OK to apply. To see if your Flash animation works, continue...
5. In webeasy, select BUILD > PREVIEW > the website preview window opens. Select BUILD AS HTML WITH CSS (first button in the dialog box) > OK.
6. Your Amara Flash Software Animation preview will appear and function.