Amara Menu & Button Builder Tutorial

Welcome to our Amara Menu and Button Builder™ tutorial. Although the application is pretty easy to use, I have created a step-by-step menu tutorial to make sure that absolutely everybody can create Flash web menus for their website.

How to create a navigation menu?

1) First click on the "Menu" tab and enter the labels of the desired buttons and sub buttons. Enter the required URLs to jump to as well.

2) Click on "Generate and Display" to view the created menu.

3) Click on the little "Dock" button to open up a floating window where you can see the entire menu. (The "Dock" button is the little square to the right of the "Generate and display" button)

4) Click on the "Button" tab. This is where you set the generic buttons and menu settings. I will not go through all the options as they are self-explanatory, but will highlight a couple of tricks that you can do with the application:

a) Set the transparency of the sub button to 100, and disable the shadow of the sub button. This will return a basic hyperlink instead of a button. Click on "Generate and Display" to see the result.
b) Set the "Main Menu horizontal" to 0 to create a menu bar without space between the buttons. Click on "Generate and Display" to see the result.
c) The "Submenu Vertical" setting will move the horizontal Submenu bar closer to the main buttons. Put it to -3.
Click on "Generate and Display" to see the result.
d) If you do not want to have your menus scroll, move both of the scroll speed sliders to the left. Note that you will only see any result of this when the length of the buttons exceeds the length of the movie.

5) Click on the "General" tab to move on to the next settings screen. I would like to highlight two issues in this screen:

a) To add a background picture to the menu, click on "Image" and then click on the small box to the right side of the input field. From here browse to your file and select it.

b) If you use a submenu bar, you can add a slogan in the submenu area, when there are no subbuttons displayed. To do this simply enter some text in the "slogan text" input field. Click on "Generate and Display" to see the result.

6) Click on fonts and colors to set the colors and font properties of each button.

7) Click on the sound tab to add background music and/or button sound effects to the menu. Note that there is a "sound directory" in your C:Program Files/Amara Menu Builder directory.

8) Click on the Effects tab to change some parameters related to the fade in and fade out of the sub menu.

9) To save the Flash Menu, you must click on "Generate and Display" and then on the "Save tab/Save SWF button"

10) Note that the application also generates the required HTML code. Depending on your HTML editor you might need to copy and paste this code. In general I would recommend that you use our code. Please also check out the Flash html tutorials page, with tutorials for the respective HTML editors.

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